TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018: Crypto - Revolutional Secure Angou

Posted on 04 Sep 2018, 08:23 in WriteUps • Tagged with ctf, write-ups, TokyoWesternsCTF, RSA, crypto

RSA-base challenge with a flawed prime numbers generation

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Google CTF 2018: Crypto - MITM

Posted on 01 Jul 2018, 10:00 in WriteUps • Tagged with ctf, write-ups, GoogleCTF, curve25519, mitm, crypto

Man-in-the-middle attack on Curve25519-based handshake

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Hello blog and (maybe) goodbye impostor!

Posted on 22 Feb 2018, 18:30 in Miscellaneous

Small post about the impostor that resides in me

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