What is this blog?

So... This is my blog. I am not sure what it will become but here is the list of things you can expect to see:

CTF Write-Ups

For the people who don't know what a CTF competition is, I suggest you to check out this page: CTF? WTF?

From time to time I do some CTF with a team of friends, because it is a good oportunity for me to train my practical skills on the different categories available. I enjoy particurlarly the crypto challenges but I often practice on web challenges, and on the other stuff that seems interesting.

Some of the people that manage to find the flag usually write and publish a write-up describing how they did it. Occasionnaly I will do that here.

Weird projects

I have some projects in the back of my head and when the time will be right, I will certainly write about them here.

Research-related subject

I am currently a PhD student working on different crypto-related subjects that may be interesting to summarize here.

It will typically be descriptions of interesting papers I have read, explanations on what I am working on, and more generally anything related to my everyday work.


There will certainly be other articles that does not really fit in any category above.